Register and Delete Runners API

API used by Runners to register and delete themselves.

Note: This API is intended to be used only by Runners as their own communication channel. For the consumer API see the new Runners API.


This API uses two types of authentication:

  1. Unique Runner's token, which is the token assigned to the Runner after it has been registered. This token can be found on the Runner's edit page (go to Project > Runners, select one of the Runners listed under Runners activated for this project).

  2. Using Runners' registration token. This is a token that can be found in project's settings. It can also be found in the Admin > Runners settings area. There are two types of tokens you can pass: shared Runner registration token or project specific registration token.

Register a new runner

Used to make GitLab CI aware of available runners.

POST /ci/api/v1/runners/register
Attribute Type Required Description
token string yes Runner's registration token

Example request:

curl --request POST "" --form "token=t0k3n"

Delete a Runner

Used to remove a Runner.

DELETE /ci/api/v1/runners/delete
Attribute Type Required Description
token string yes Unique Runner's token

Example request:

curl --request DELETE "" --form "token=t0k3n"